Our Wildwood, Winter 2018, Volume 42

e l e m e n t a r y s c h o o l f e a t u r e

by Kerri O’Neill and Dawn Urbont, WILDWOOD PARENTS A SENSE OF HOME Our Wildwood /Winter 2018 18/19 What do kindergarteners and

organization A Sense of Home (ASOH), Pod students took their learning outside the classroom to make a positive impact on others’ lives, learning that small hands can make a big difference. Founded by Georgie Smith and Melissa Goddard, ASOH’s mission is to help 18-year-old foster youth make a seamless move into their own homes by supplying them with donated furnishings, housewares, appliances, and decor—everything they could need to get a fresh start on their own. These recipients then pay it forward by helping other former foster

1st graders (Pod students) know about helping former foster children find a sense of belonging in the world?

At Wildwood, the answer is: More than you think! Last year, Wildwood’s youngest learners embarked on a unique yearlong social studies project, which culminated in helping foster youth who have aged out of the system make the transition from foster care into their own homes. By partnering with the nonprofit

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